Pike Place Market Foundation Donation: 20 Pack of Postcards: Don't Move Here

$5 of every purchase of this item will be donated to Pike Place Market Recovery Fund, helping the Market’s small businesses, workers and our downtown neighbors remain safe, stable and healthy during this crisis.

At first glance it just looks like a really pretty floral version of Washington State. But then, if you look closer, you see that the flowers spell out, "Don't Move Here." And we mean it. If you visit, you're gonna want to immediately move here - but you know what - enough people have already done that. Stay home. 

The back says, "It's TERRIBLE"

Ugly Baby's great idea and Barry Blankenship's great design skills collaborated to create this sweet postcard. 

You will receive 20 postcards. 

Learn more about the Pike Place Market Foundation here: https://pikeplacemarketfoundation.org/