The Rocks of Destruction

People who come into the shop are often curious about the Rocks of Destruction but the explanation is actually really simple: They are rocks and they cause destruction. Thus: Rocks of Destruction. See. 

On two separate occasions people have thrown rocks through our windows. Once, to steal an old ipad that didn't even hold a charge and another time to just cause general chaos. 

Both times they left the rock behind so now they are ours. They are each for sale in the shop for $1000 and $2000 respectively - the cost to repair the shop after each of the scenarios.

People always ask, "Are they REALLY for sale?" or "Do they really cost that much?" Yes and yes. When someone buys a rock of destruction, we will donate the funds in full to Treehouse for Kids - a local nonprofit serving youth in foster care. That's our way of turning something stupid and crappy into something good. 

Now, rich people: Let's talk rocks.