Gift Cards

We have two kinds of gift cards: online and in store. Wouldn't it be great if they worked seamlessly together? Yeah. But they don't. It's okay. 

If you buy a gift card online, it is for use in our online store. If you buy it online and send It to a friend, they can purchase things in our online store.

If you buy a gift card in our stores, it is a physical card that looks like a really awesome credit card. Awesome-er than any credit card that exists on the planet. It's yellow and says "Cash Money" on it. But I digress. You can use the physical gift card for purchases in our physical stores. 

This distinction isn't clear to anyone but us - and if you buy an online one and want to use it in the stores instead - just contact us and we'll sort it out for you. 
And vice versa. If you got a physical gift card and want to use it online, email us at and we'll 100% help you.