Where We Shop

Where We Shop

We do a lot of our shopping with local artists and these are our favorite local stores. If you like our shop - you're pretty much guaranteed to love these too: 

Foamy Wader

Alexa, the founder of Foamy Wader is the hardest working person I know. She designs and makes delicate jewelry inspired by the sea. Gorgeous and lightweight. Her shop is on Whidbey Island. 

Hella Happy

Shannon is a cool girl grown up in to an awesome mom. She used her excellent taste to create Hella Happy, a gift store that features the work of many independent women who are designers and artists. She store now hosts a plant store right inside her store so you can take home some of those pretty babies as well. 

The Handmade Showroom

A cool store in a mall? No way. YES way! The Handmade Showroom features art, clothing, greeting cards and more - all designed and made by independent artists. It's HUGE and full of great stuff!

The Sock Monster

I'm obsessed with socks and if you are too - you'll love this store that is basically all socks. Fun fact: The same lady who opened Monster (our sister store) also opened The Sock Monster. She doesn't own either one anymore - but that's okay because now she's a super smart scientist. She's basically good at everything. Holly! Holly! Holly! (chant with me....)


Our other store! Monster is located in the Ballard neighborhood and there we feature the work of over 100 independent artists. We also teach art and craft classes & rent button makers. C'mon!


Really, really, really cool sewing supplies and notions. 

Artist and Craftsman Supply

Hands down my favorite art supply store in the whole city. 

Paper Hammer

All the cool letterpress loot. 

Paper Feather

Our neighbor down the street on Western Avenue. Awesome cards designed & created In house. 

Marnin Saylor

Doughnut cats. Yeah. Doughnut cats. You'll see. 

Drygoods Design

Delightful fabrics and craft supplies. They also teach sewing classes. 

Elliott Bay Book Company

This is where all the books live. 

Archie McPhee

It's weird. It's full of dumb stuff. You can buy a bag of tiny, plastic babies there. Please, do just that. 


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