Where We Eat

Where We Eat

It's been awhile since we've been to an actual restaurant in Seattle since I'm writing this post in the midst of a worldwide viral pandemic. We HAVE ordered in so I'll give you our favorite delivery places in Seattle  first: 

Pagliacci Pizza

What we love:

  • Pagliaccio Salad
  • Extra Pepperoni add Black Olives
  • Margherita add Chicken and Pesto
  • Lightning Fast Delivery
  • The LEAST Painful Call In Pizza Order ON THE PLANET. You can literally just say, "I'll have the same thing I had last time" and they'll bring it to you. 

Jai Thai Capitol Hill and Jai Thai Fremont

What we love:

  • Crab Rangoon
  • Tom Kha Soup
  • Basil Fried Rice
  • Phad Thai
  • Swimming Rama
  • Panang Curry

Bounty Kitchen

What we love:

  • Forbidden Braised Beef Bowl
  • The Forager Scramble
  • Ginger Wellness Shot

Bok a Bok

  • Get a Three Piece Chicken

What to Eat in Ballard

El Moose

What we love: 

  • Everything but Flan
  • Nothing with my sworn enemy: Red Onions. 

Hattie's Hat

What we love: 

  • Maggie Scramble
  • Hippie Scramble
  • Tater Tottttttttts
  • Big Mac Beet Salad
  • Consistently and surprisingly excellent bar food
  • If I venture outside my comfort zone for dinner in Ballard I normally end up thinking, "Should have just gone to Hattie's."

Salmon Bay Cafe

I come here when I'm missing my dad. It reminds me of the diners that he took me to when I was a kid so it's almost like getting to have breakfast with him again. If I had to describe it, I'd say it's where sailors would go to eat breakfast if that makes sense at all to you. I almost always get scrambled eggs with avocado slices. 

Watson's Counter

Coffee & Korean-American deliciousness. Plus, I just like the vibe of the whole place. It's got good energy AND good food. 

What to Eat in Pike Place Market / Downtown Seattle


It's bonkers what a huge selection they have. Basically any kind of sandwich you can think of - and you can buy them by the 1/2. Any kind of salad. Mac & cheese. Baked potatoes. SO MANY OPTIONS and they are all delicious. Plus, a huge bonus is that they're basically the only reasonably priced spot in Pike Place Market (sorry everywhere else!). I pretty much guarantee you'll get to the check out and think to yourself, "Really? That's it? For all this?" Five stars. Gold stars. 

Market Grill

The halibut sandwich or salad is my go to. Actually, I think it's the only thing I've ever eaten here. I can't say enough good things about this place and the only downside is how hard it is to tell people how to get there. I'll try though: It's on the sixth floor of Pike Place Market. The main level. If you're standing inside the Market looking out toward the cobblestone street - and the guys who throw fish are to your right - walk to your left until you see their sign. 

Biscuit Bitch

Their food is great. The people are excellent. The vibe is golden. Be prepared to wait in line a bit because they make their food to order and a lot of people wanna eat it. The Bitchwiches are all amazing. The grits are amazing. The coffee is amazing. Kimmie Spice, the owner, is someone to admire. We lived above the 1st and Stewart location when Kimmie started offering late night biscuits and sharing a kitchen with the coffee shop owner in that spot. And from there - she's built a bitchy biscuit empire. I like her. You will too. But more important: You'll like her biscuits. 

Other Delicious Spots

FOB - Downtown & Capitol Hill

Love poke? You'll love FOB. I made the mistake of trying poke for the first time at FOB and then I thought that all poke places would be equally amazing. I was wrong. So wrong. After trying out like five other spots - I realized that FOB is just way, way, way better. If you've never tried poke - give it a shot. They have cooked options and a huge buffet of delicious things to add. Try Tamago!

Portage Bay Cafe - Multiple Locations

Delicious, local ingredients. Amazing breakfasts. 

Pete's Egg Nest - Greenwood

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Skillet - Multiple Locations

More b-fast & more. 

Tacos Guaymas - Multiple Locations

Delicious, comfort Mexican dishes. 

Serious Pie - Multiple Locations

Pizza! Pizza! Plus, they make one with potatoes so I love them and they can do no wrong. 

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